England Name Team for Italy Match

The Red Roses have named their team ahead of their opening Six Nations match against Italy on Sunday as they look to defend their crown.

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The Six Nations is Back!

February – the shortest month of the year it may be, but with Christmas just a distant memory and seemingly no end in sight to the incessant cold and dark, it’s a month few people look forward to (unless your birthday’s in February, in which case, Happy Birthday! Unless you hate your birthday because it reminds you that no matter how much anti-ageing cream you slap on your face, or how much hair dye you desperately smear on your head, there is nothing you can do to stop the relentless, indifferent passage of time and that with every day that passes you’re twenty four hours closer to the cold embrace of death and all you’ve done today is binge watch Friends even though you’ve seen every episode ten times before and it doesn’t even make you laugh any more because you know all the jokes off by heart, but you’ll do anything to temporarily distract yourself from the reality of your bleak existence. In which case, I’m sorry I brought it up).

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WRWC: Red Roses score ten tries in big win over Italy

England scored another ten tries in their second World Cup pool match against Italy on Sunday afternoon, although a series of handling errors took the sheen off the win and left them with plenty to work on.

In fact they could have had two or three tries in the opening minutes, but knock-ons from Marlie Packer and Amy Wilson Hardy, both with the try-line in their sights, meant England came up with nothing to show for their early dominance.

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WRWC: England make ten changes for Italy match

The Red Roses have brought in ten new players to the match-day squad ahead of their second World Cup pool match against Italy.

Emily Scarratt returns to the starting line-up at outside centre and replaces Sarah Hunter as captain, while in the halves Natasha Hunt and Amber Reed replace Riley and McLean. Rachael Burford, who impressed on the June tour of New Zealand, gets a start in the centres, while on the wing Amy Wilson Hardy returns to the team for the first time since the Six Nations.

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